how to convert a keg into a brewing kettle - beer …
How to Convert a Keg Into a Brewing Kettle - Beer …

Keggles are kegs that have been converted into brewing kettles. A standard American keg can hold 15.5 US gallons, or 58.66 liters, and can be used to brew between 10-12 gallons of wort. The advantages of using a keg for brewing pretty much come down to quality and cost:

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how to make a custom beer keg boiler. i've read up …
How To Make A Custom Beer Keg Boiler. I've Read Up …

How to make a custom beer keg boiler. I've read up on boilers and my cheap ballington converted stockpot still boiler started leaking after 20 months so I decieded to make a heavy duty boiler from a SS beer keg.

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how long will a beer keg still boiler last? - beginner's
How long will a beer keg still boiler last? - Beginner's

I now have a 15.5 gallon SS beer keg that's about 3 MM thick How long should I expect it to last heated with a open natural gas flame??? I have read some people saying they will last a life time but they were only using it to brew beer not as a still boiler.

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how to turn a keg into a brew kettle: 12 steps (with …
How to Turn a Keg Into a Brew Kettle: 12 Steps (with …
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Dome Top Beer Keg Boiler? - Beginner's Talk …

Dome Top Beer Keg Boiler? Thomasedwin. I now have a 15.5 gallon 304 SS beer keg to convert into a boiler. I bought a 8" sanitary ferrule fitting with a cap and clamp to weld in the top of the keg for easy clean out and I'm going to put in a half inch fitting in the side bottom for a ball valve. I see converted kegs that have the skirt

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beer keg still - home distiller
Beer Keg Still - Home Distiller

2014-2-11 · Beer Keg Still. Other discussions for folks new to the wonderful craft of home distilling. however the answer to your question is that a keg used as a boiler is literaly self cleaning eg. high temp alcahol wash slightly acidic. the cleaning is hot water rinse and done. unmolested kegs are more valuable and much less work. imho. cob

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the perfect keg boiler - accessories discussions on
The Perfect Keg Boiler - Accessories Discussions on

My keg boiler, AKA HellBoy. Meant to be the "Perfect Keg" but over time and use I've figured it could be improved. 6" top port, bringing the top 2" ferrules closer to the edge (my large funnel hits the 4" column), sight glass port about 2" above the element port to insure the elements are always covered and eliminate the casters on the bottom as they haven't ever been needed - not even once

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converting a 50l keg into a boiler - home distiller
Converting a 50L Keg into a Boiler - Home Distiller

2010-4-8 · Im Converting a Keg to use as a Boiler and wish to go down the heating element path and not gas. I was curious on how people are fitting their heating elements. Are they buying the Bolt on types or the Screew in types ?

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peakstill complete 50l electric keg boiler: power …
PeakStill Complete 50L Electric Keg Boiler: Power …

PeakStill Complete 50L Electric Keg Boiler: Now comes with 15amp Power Controller. Cheeky Peak bring you the perfect 50l electric keg boiler. Specifically designed by CPB for our new PeakStill. The PeakStill boiler has installed two 2200w elements (10amp per element).

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